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How to Choose and Buy Aluminum Plastic Board

Aluminum composite board buying skills

1, according to the use, choose the appropriate specifications and quality of products, including color, thickness (especially pay attention to the thickness of aluminum plate), coating type, core material quality.

2. Check whether the thickness reaches the nominal value. If necessary, it can be measured with a vernier caliper or a micrometer (recommended).

3. Check whether the shape of the board is flat and whether there are obvious pitting, air bubbles, ripples and other defects on the board surface.

4, ask the distributor about the quality of the core material, if possible, you can obtain a sample for breaking test. A good aluminum sheet is unbroken or unbreakable.

5, same project as far as possible choose and buy the product of same production batch, the product of different batch of the same color, can have certain chromatic aberration commonly to exist, unless the effect that does not pay attention to chromatic aberration when using, or have foresight ground to use.

6. Pay attention to whether there is left glue phenomenon when tearing the protective film. Product storage time is too long or the production of raw materials problems and other reasons, may cause protective film residue.
7, try to buy the reputation of the well-known manufacturers of products, so that the quality is more secure. Some product quality is not by the naked eye can see, especially covered with protective film, before using it is impossible to tear all the protective film to check.

8. Generally, neutral silicone structure sealant should be selected for the adhesive used for bonding aluminum plastic board, and weathering neutral silicone sealant should be selected for the sealant used for caulking. Use other glue can appear to break glue, fall off a phenomenon.

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum composite panel

At present, the fake plastic products in the aluminum composite panel market are flooding the market. How to easily identify the quality of aluminum composite panels:
1. Aluminum skin thickness: if the surface aluminum thickness is 0.5mm, the actual measurement shall be: aluminum thickness 0.5mm+ fluorocarbon paint thickness 0.025mm=0.525mm (total surface aluminum thickness).

2, fluorocarbon paint (PVDF) : at least double coating, surface scraping off a layer of paint and a layer of primer. The film thickness gauge was used to measure > 0.025mm. Wipe the base with butanone 200 times.

3. Polyester paint (PE) : measure > 0.016mm with the film thickness meter, and wipe the base with butanone for 100 times.

4. Polymer bonding film: raw materials imported from the United States, if you tear open the aluminum skin, you will find that the aluminum skin and aluminum plastic are evenly distributed with fluffy white polymer, and the tensile force is > 7N/nm.

5, soft plastic: translucent, folding aluminum plastic plate, aluminum skin will break, but the plastic will not break, and can be pulled back countless fold.

6, protective film: double layer film, 0.09mm thick, tear off the protective film, feel smooth.

Aluminum composite panel price

In recent years, aluminum-plastic composite panels have entered the home decoration, because of its smooth surface, bright colors, strong impact resistance, easy to clean, durable, and widely used. The aluminum-plastic panel is divided into two categories: outer wall engineering board and interior wall decoration board. The latter is generally used in home decoration. The aluminum-plastic panel is divided into two sides and two sides. The surface of the double-sided aluminum-plastic board is rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy board. Spray on the front side and the reverse side of the aluminum plate. The single-sided aluminum-plastic panel has only one layer of aluminum alloy plate on the surface, which is slightly inferior in strength and cheaper. The quality of the surface painting, good aluminum plastic adopts the imported hot-pressing spraying process, the color of the paint film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and it is not easy to remove the paint after the touch.
Aluminum-plastic panels for home decoration are generally used in restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and room heating covers, partitions, etc. During construction, the base surface of the board should be dry and flat. It is best to use multi-layer boards and blockboards to make the bottom layer to prevent occurrence. Cracking deformation. Secondly, when attaching the aluminum-plastic composite board, it should be noted that the glue should be evenly distributed. When the super-strong adhesive thinner is volatilized, it can be pasted without touching the hand, and the hammer is pressed with a wooden hammer. Third, the aluminum composite panel should be divided into several pieces according to the design requirements when using. It is not suitable for whole or large area, otherwise it will easily cause empty drum opening. Fourth, the joints of aluminum-plastic composite panels are generally sealed with glass glue. The glass glue must be evenly filled when it is sealed. After drying, the surface should be cleaned to make the thickness of the lines consistent.

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