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Multi-Color Finishes

Multi-Color Finishes

Need multiple colors on a single panel? With our multi-color aluminum composite panels, you’re no longer limited to cheap-looking vinyl striped panels that only last a few years. Get all the quality and durability of our fluoropolymer painted panels with multiple stripes of precisely applied color. We have many multi-color panels stocked for immediate shipment, or we can create the custom combinations you need.

About Multi-Color Panel Finishes

Multi-color panels are standard aluminum composite materials with either a polyethylene (PE) or fire-retardant (fr) core. We apply stripes of contrasting colors using a unique coating process designed by Mitsubishi Chemical Composites America. These colors are created using Valflon® finishes by Sherwin-Williams, featuring Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin. It’s the most advanced architectural coating available: No other finish offers a wider color and gloss range, or greater stability and durability against the effects of weather and harsh chemicals. So the colors you specify will remain vibrant and true a generation from now.

Multi-Color Panel Applications

We offer multi-color aluminum composite panels in stock color combinations for immediate delivery, and can also create perfectly color-matched custom panels in the stripe widths and placement you specify. These panels are perfect for petroleum canopies, corporate ID programs and all kinds of special projects. With the versatility, easy fabrication and durability of ALUCOWORLD® materials, our multi-color panels vastly outperform old-fashioned vinyl to make an enduring statement of quality. Browse our projects pages to explore the possibilities.

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