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Prismatic Finishes

Prismatic Finishes

To create our prismatic panels, we apply a uniquely scintillating finish that seems to subtly change colors with changes in the weather, time of day and viewing angle. Prismatic panels bring your building to life. With each passing moment, each angle, each person going by, it takes on a new look – compelling another, and yet another - making your architectural vision truly memorable.

About the Prismatic Panel Finish

We create our prismatic panels by applying a color base coat and a prismatic top coat that incorporates specialized mica flake pigments. The result is a surface that shifts from its base color to different perceived colors as light reflects from different angles. The effect can vary from subtle to scintillating. The vibrancy and clarity of our Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin makes the prismatic effect possible – and ensures that the effect lasts for decades thanks to the remarkable durability of this next-generation architectural coating.

Prismatic Panel Finish Applications

We manufacture prismatic panels with a choice of our classic polyethylene core (PE) or our fire-retardant (fr) core. They’re perfect for bringing an engaging, interactive experience to any project – and are especially well-suited to exterior cladding where the changing time of day, weather and seasons bring maximum vitality to the prismatic effect. Browse our projects pages to see the dynamic effects that can only be achieved using our prismatic panels – and to get inspiration for your own dynamic vision.

Special Considerations

For best color consistency, we recommend ordering prismatic finishes for your entire job at one time and from one lot of material. Also be aware that prismatic panels have a specific directionality, which you should plan for in the estimation, fabrication and construction of your project.

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