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A touch of nostalgia for modern architecture

ALUCOWORLD® vintage – expressive and timeless. Natural patina on a material gives it a truly distinctive charm, and individual weathering features create a nostalgic touch. The imperfection and irregularity of the ‘random’ appearance are the very aspects which open up a wide range of new aesthetics when combined with modern architecture.


‘Concrete’ free of moss growth, ‘rusty steel’ which does not bleed, ‘copper with a patina’ but no rust marks when it rains or ‘oxidised metal’ without creeping corrosion – the matt surfaces of ALUCOWORLD® vintage hold back time: halting the weathering processes which are typical for these materials and preserving the chosen design.

The wide variety of forming and processing methods for ALUCOWORLD® (such as roll bending or folding) means it offers a greater range of applications than similar products. Thanks to its lightweight, which facilitates high-rise façade applications, ALUCOWORLD® Vintage Look material is ideal for countless design options.




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