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With ALUCOWORD® materials,we select only the highest quality recycled materials to maintain product integrity. Our metal composite materials consist of approximately 50% recycled materials, and are the finest architectural sheets of their kind available.

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Architecture Exterior

Fabricators choose ALUCOWORD® for high-profile construction because they know they will receive durable aluminum composite materials that last.


Interior Renovation

Aluminum composite panels have entered the home decoration as interior wall decorative panels, because of its smooth surface, bright color, strong impact resistance, easy to clean, durable and widely used.



Aluminum sign board panel is not easy to deteriorate, easy to process, and can be directly screen printed on the board, painted (need to detect paint adaptability) and inkjet, widely used in advertising display, architectural decoration, culture and art and packaging.

Alucoworld History


2005 ♦ Factory established

JIANGSU KINGERTAI NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD established its first factory in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China.Covers An Area Of 50000㎡. It is 150km away from Shanghai.

2010 ♦ International Office

The International Trade Office is established in Shanghai,located in YangPu District. It is convenient for customers to visit, welcome!

2015 ♦ Well-known overseas

After 15 years of development, Alucoworld has become a world-renowned Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa.

Alucoworld Factory


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ALUCOWORLD® is the metal composite material manufacturer & supplier to use when you want to get noticed and win awards.
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ALUCOWORLD® is the manufacturer dedicated to minimum eco impact through responsible recycling.
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