A perfect color match for the recognizable façades, canopies and logos that customers identify with.

We understand your need for ALUCOWORLD® materials that match your brand colors. For a consistent look of quality across all your corporate architecture. For affordable materials that are easy to install and maintain, keeping your budgets and schedules on track. For practically unlimited fabrication possibilities – so you can create entryways people want to step into, interior spaces that make them want to linger, displays that encourage them to buy.

That’s why we created the ALUCOWORLD® Corporate ID program. We provide the most complete selection of architectural cladding and branding materials available, consistently matched to the precise color and gloss specifications your corporate architecture requires.

We’ve even developed innovative two-tone aluminum composite panels to help corporations meet their specific ID needs while simplifying the fabrication processes.

Automotive. Banking. Food services. Hospitality. Retail. Whatever you do, build your corporate architecture with style. With unsurpassed versatility, easier installation, longer life and beautiful colors precisely matched to your brand palette, ALUCOWORLD® materials mean business.

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Jeffy Lube

Location: Over 2000 locations, United States of America
Architect: Bedrock Brands
Fabricator: Coast Signs

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Ddairy Queen

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Bank of America

Location: Tukwila, WA, United States of America
Architect: Gensler

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Honda of Govington

Location: Covington, LA, United States of America
Architect: Praxis 3
Fabricator: Metal Design Systems

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Rick Hendrick Toyota

Location: Fayetteville, NC, United States of America
Architect: Redline Design Group
Fabricator: Metal Design System

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SODE Super Target

Location: Orlando, FL, United States of America
Architect: RSP Architects Ltd
Fabricator: Guernsey Architectual Solutions

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