When installing aluminum composite panels, there are some accessories are required:

  • Paste process : scraper, glue, rubber hammer, and textured paper, utility knife, etc.
  • Dry hanging process: angle aluminum or corner code, self-tapping silk, foam stick, sealant, aluminum rivet or blind rivet.

These materials are generally sold in the building materials market. The materials such as foam stick and sealant, you can buy them very easily. However, for angle aluminum and other aluminum profiles, You may not be able to buy it correctly.  Therefore,we also provide  aluminum profiles of acp panels installation so as to save your cost and time.

Notice: Rivets for outdoor use, the diameter of the rod should be 5mm, and the diameter of the rivet head is 11mm~14mm. When rivets are used for aluminum-plastic panel, it is recommended to fix them in the order from the middle to the ends of the board. Considering that the board will expand and contract when the temperature changes, the diameter of the upper part of the composite board should be about 1mm larger than the diameter of the rivet to ensure the flatness of aluminum-plastic board.

Why choose alucoworld aluminum profile for installation?

1. Save your time

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2.Save your cost

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3. The quality of our aluminum profiles are guaranteed

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4.International Trade Department

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