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About Alucoworld

Alucoworld® is a manufacturer specialized in aluminum composite panels in China. We are located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, 150km away from Shanghai. With over ten years' efforts, our company has gained great development in producing aluminum composite panels.

Alucoworld has a complete strict quality assurance system, having passed ISO 9001 and ISO 2001 certifications successfully as well. Besides bringing in two advanced automatic aluminum composite panel production lines, we use high-quality materials from USA and Sweden, applying advanced aluminum-plastic production technology from Japan, leading to manufacture high-class ACP for interior and exterior finishes.

Exceptional projects demand exceptional materials.Our commitment to your satisfaction means that your success is our success.


China's top 500 enterprise


20 years across development


Production lines


About Alucoworld 2


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    Flagship Products

    Alucoworld’s main products include PE and PVDF coated aluminum composite panels, fire resistant, self-cleaning nano coated, mirror finish, brushed, wooden grain & granite grain aluminum composite panels and signboard aluminum composite panels for advertising usage. Besides mainly producing ACP, we can also offer all accessories for ACP installation. Our annual output is more than 5 million ㎡. All Alucoworld product has obtained CE certification and third-party quality test reports

    PVDF ACP Panel 285x350PE ACP Panel 285x350Fireproof ACP Sheet 285x350 Wooden ACP Panel 285x350



    There are 2 coating production lines. And ALUCOWORLD® also have 1 Automatic NCT punchs, 1 CNC engraving machines and 11 CNC bending machines.

    Using the most advanced airbrush named Randburg high voltage electrostatic airbrush introduced from Japan to ensure even-textured film thickness and good electrostatic effect.

    Using Shoei burner also introduced from Japan in drying oven to ensure the uniform temperature and reduce chromatism at the greatest extent.

    Strength leading

    ALUCOWORLD® is one of the producer and processor in industry of world with the biggest scale, the most complete specifications, the most advanced equipment and the most comprehensive strength.

    ALUCOWORLD® has enjoyed a good reputation because of our good quality for more than 20 years. Putting our promise 100% into practice is always our principle. We do what we have promised, and try to be the best.

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      Alucoworld is the leading acp panel manufacturer from China, contact us to get acp panel factory price and catalog

      Do you want to import from china ?

      Why do you contact us?
      Direct purchaseFor market study


      Need Aluminum Composite Panel to your next project?

        Alucoworld is the leading acp panel manufacturer from China, contact us to get acp panel factory price and catalog

        Do you want to import from china ?

        Why do you contact us?
        Direct purchaseFor market study


        To become a Aluminum Composite Panel brand to solve the overall program of experts.

        Dedication and commitment is to make possibilities out of the impossible.

        The commitment of Alucoworld team is demonstrated in their sense of responsibility, their task orientation and meticulousness. To do everything well everyday; to find ways to success; never resort to excuses for failure; make everything possible.

        Be sincere to others, for you can only move others when you have done something to move yourselves.

        Be honest to yourself. Sincerity and honesty serves as the golden rule of dealing with people and business. Be more patient, modest, tolerate and compassionate. Honor our promises to clients, staff and ourselves. Reach our clients, colleagues, friends and family by our

        Keep promises

        Fulfill our promises to clients and staff. Be truthful in speech and resolute in action.

        Be meticulous

        Being meticulous and responsible, and doing our best to strive to perfect diligently in every detail.

        Cooperate with one another as a team

        Aim to strike a delicated, dedicatory and doughty team, make full play the initiative, wisdom and power of the masses.