Fabricators choose ALUCOWORLD® for high-profile construction because they know they will receive durable aluminum composite materials that last.

When you see the brilliant hues, shine, and patterns of our various finishes on a building’s exterior, you can be confident that the same, even color and luster will be there for years to come.

Not only are we amazed to see how architects and fabricators use our products for large-scale construction, but it also makes us proud when ALUCOWORLD® materials appear in innovative concepts and minor projects. Our products are the perfect choice for your next exterior fabrication, but when you need composite materials to bring smaller-scale ideas to reality, ALUCOWORLD® products offer flexibility and longevity in color and design. Here are just a few distinctive ways you’ll find our finishes in use.

Pointing People in the Right Direction

When in unknown places, we look to signs to guide us to where we need to go. ALUCOWORLD®products provide vivid color that catches the eye - a perfect quality for indoor and outdoor signage. Our materials have been used in signs that help people find their way around Norfolk International Airport, the Washington, D.C. Children’s Museum, and Ohio State University, just to name a few.

Creating a Home, Sweet Home

As people seek to create their own visions of home, builders can take advantage of ALUCOWORLD® products for functionality and beauty in design. The striking, decorative exterior of Tivoli House in Los Angeles is one example of how our materials offer strength and protection for a single-family house, and the ability to realize architectural creativity.

How will ALUCOWORLD® inspire you? Send for free samples of our finishes and contact our sales with questions.

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Tivoli House

Location: Los Angeles,California,United States of America

Architect:Cameron McNail, Electrolland
Fabricator:Cameron McNail, Electrolland

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Norfolk International Airport

Location: Hampton Road, Virginia, United States of America
Architect: Shriver and Holland Associates
Fabricator: Bay Mechanical

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Ohio State university

Location: Columbus, Ohio, United Atates of America

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