Colour Chart

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individual decor

ALUCOWORLD® now allows a new freedom of design that lets inspiration come true on the building envelope. Design your individual décor […]


Muted mat surfaces with big city flair Urban lifestyle appeals to us. Urban life is characterised by interplays of light […]


Swathed in a mellow sheen Stone and crystal stand for endurance, authenticity and intrinsic value. They reflect light in a […]


A touch of nostalgia for modern architecture ALUCOWORLD® vintage – expressive and timeless. Natural patina on a material gives it a truly […]

naturAL PURE

Natural beauty of metals The natural beauty of metals used in architecture is accentuated particularly by the naturAL surface series. […]

anodized look

The beauty of satin-smooth metal In today’s architecture, the surfaces of the ALUCOWORLD® anodized look series display the natural beauty of satin-smooth […]

spectra & sparkling colours

Enchanting colour effects Brilliant, iridescent colours found in nature were the inspiration for Spectra colours. Through special colour pigments, various […]

Metallic colour

Metallic gloss Different lighting and viewing angles highlight the typical metallic gloss of these colours. metallic colours            […]

Solid colours

Soft white or bright red? Solid colours are always a good choice when a uniform appearance without special effects is […]