ALUCOWORLD® now allows a new freedom of design that lets inspiration come true on the building envelope. Design your individual décor and we will realise your concept with ALUCOWORLD® design on the building.

In addition, there is the possibility to choose designs from our existing décor collection to achieve remarkable effects. This inspirational collection includes Wood, 3D Effect, Art / Fashion, Carbon, Concrete, Stone / Natura, Oxidised and Metallic. Whether used extensively or selectively, for applications such as façades, balconies, entrance portals or lobbies – individual ALUCOWORLD®design décors accentuate indoor and outdoor applications.

The 3D effect and depth of colour as well as the possibility to create metallic effects provide an additional scope of design.

If requested, the décor effect can also be visualized by a simulation of your building project. Combined with the extraordinary formability (e.g. folding, bending) of ALUCOWORLD® unlimited possibilities arise to express your unique architectural style. The use of high quality paint systems guarantees a long-term durability.

We will be pleased to assist you in realising your creative ideas for truly unique façades.

3D Effect


Art / Fashion




Stone / Natura