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    ALUCOWORLD®/fr is a fire-retardant panel composed of two thin panels of aluminum laminated to either side of a mineral-filled thermoplastic core. The aluminum surfaces have been coil-coated before bonding with an advanced Lumiflon® FEVE resin in a variety of finishes and colors, supplied by Sherwin -Williams Coil Coating(formerly Valspar). We also offer fire-retardant materials in our HD heavy-duty series and natural metal MCM composites.

    Why ALUCOWORLD®/fr

    Fire safety is important for any building project, and a fire-retardant panel is typically required in buildings that exceed a minimum height as specified by applicable codes. ALUCOWORLD®/fr is one of the most advanced fire-retardant materials available and is IBC-listed to ensure compliance with many fire codes worldwide. Offered in an extensive choice of attractive options, this affordable material is one of the most popular choices for exterior fire-retardant cladding, seen in many landmark projects around the globe.

    Using ALUCOWORLD®/fr

    ALUCOWORLD®/fr sets the industry standard for fire safety while offering the same finish choices and ease of fabrication as our standard ALUCOWORLD®/PE panels. Stock ALUCOWORLD®/fr panels are 4mm thick and available in widths of 50" and 62" and lengths of 146" and 196". Custom lengths and thickness are also available. A wide range of stock colors are available for immediate delivery, with unlimited possibilities for custom color matching. We also offer metallic, mica, prismatic and multi-color finishes; stone and timber effects; decorative metal finishes; natural metals; and anodized aluminum.

    These panels offer the rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal in a lightweight material that’s easy to fabricate using ordinary wood and metalworking tools. They accommodate virtually any architectural fastening system, and are perfect for curtain wall façades, rainscreen systems and other architectural cladding applications that require use of a fire-retardant panel. With all the versatility of our classic polyethylene core panels, ALUCOWORLD®/fr panels deliver exceptional flatness, vibration damping, durability and ease of maintenance to realize your architectural vision beautifully. Browse our project pages for examples and inspiration for using this remarkable composite material.