Introduction of Aluminum Composite Sheet

Aluminum Composite Sheet referred to as aluminum plastic plate, it is polyethylene plastic as the core material, with the coating aluminum plate after chemical treatment (also known as aluminum foil, aluminum roll, aluminum belt) as the surface material, after certain processing (continuous hot pressing composite) and become a composite material. Aluminum plastic composite board is composed of multiple layers of composite materials, the upper and lower layers for high purity aluminum alloy board, the middle for non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board, its front also paste a layer of protective film. The advantage of aluminous model board has a lot of, for instance economy, colour diversity, construction is convenient, processing performance is fine, fire resistance is superexcellent, be able to bear or endure corrodify, be able to bear or endure is hit, moistureproof sound insulation, adiabatic aseismatic, qualitative and light, easy to process model, easy carry installation to wait a moment, get people’s favour quickly.

Use of Aluminum Composite Sheet

Aluminum material itself has unique properties, determines its widespread use, is suitable for large construction metope adornment, indoor wall, shop appearance decoration, large advertising signs, placards, railway stations, airports, display stand, ceiling, furniture, telephone booth, present, counter, elevators, building wall, etc., has became one of the three big curtain wall (natural stone, glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall) metal curtain wall, in the developed countries, aluminous model board has also been to the bus, train, plane, ship sound insulation material, design, instrument box, etc.
1. Building external walls, curtain wall panels.
2. Modification and renovation of the external walls of old buildings.
3. Balcony, equipment unit and indoor compartment.
4. Panel, logo board and display platform.
5. Interior wall decoration panel, ceiling, advertising signboard.
6, industrial materials, cold car body.
7, air conditioning, television and other home appliances shell

Aluminum Composite Sheet size thickness

Common specifications of ordinary aluminum plastic plates are as follows:

A. the total thickness is 3mm, 4mm and 6mm;

B. width: 1220mm, 1500mm;

C. Length: 1000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mm;

D. The 1220*2440mm aluminum plastic plate is known as the standard plate in the industry;

Aluminum-plastic board can be divided into interior decoration board and exterior decoration board. The size of the aluminum plastic board used for general interior decoration is about 1.22m*2.44m*3mm, and the thickness of the exterior decoration is about 4mm, with variable size. Standard specification of aluminum sheet: 1220*2440*4mm/3mm, the thicker the aluminum sheet, the better the relative quality and the more expensive. Other sizes can be negotiated with the manufacturer according to the requirements.

Aluminum Composite Sheet classification

By use

1. Aluminum plastic plates for building curtain walls: the minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum plates shall not be less than 0.50mm, and the total thickness shall not be less than 4mm. Aluminum material should meet the requirements of GB/T 3880, generally use 3000, 5000 series of aluminum alloy plate, coating should use fluorocarbon resin coating.

2. Aluminum plastic plates for exterior wall decoration and advertising: the upper and lower aluminum plates shall be made of rustproof aluminum with a thickness of not less than 0.20mm and a total thickness of not less than 4mm. Generally, fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating is used for coating.

3. Indoor aluminum plate: the upper and lower aluminum plates are generally made of aluminum with a thickness of 0.20mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10mm. The total thickness is generally 3mm. Coating with polyester coating or acrylic coating.

By product function

1, fire prevention board: choose flame retardant core material, the product combustion performance to achieve the flammable or non-flammable level, at the same time other performance indicators must also meet the technical index requirements of aluminum plastic board.
2. Antibacterial and mildewproof aluminum plastic plate: the coating with antibacterial and bactericidal effect is coated on the aluminum plastic plate to make it have the function of controlling microbial activity and reproduction and ultimately killing bacteria.
3, antistatic, aluminous model board: antistatic aluminum-plastic plate is made of antistatic coating coated aluminium plate, surface resistivity under 109 ő©, not easy to generate static electricity, dust in the air of not easy also attached on the surface.

Divide by surface adornment effect

1, coating decorative aluminum plate: aluminum plate surface coated with a variety of decorative coating, such as fluorocarbon, polyester, acrylic coating, mainly including metal color, plain color, pearl color, fluorescent color and other colors, with decorative role, is the most common variety in the market.
2, oxidation coloring aluminum: aluminum alloy panels with anodic oxidation timely treatment has rosy, bronze and other chic colors, play a special decorative effect.
3, laminated decorative composite board: color ribbed film according to the set process conditions, rely on the role of adhesives, so that color ribbed film adhesives in the primer on the aluminum plate or directly affixed to the degreased aluminum plate. Main breed has grain grain, wood grain board to wait.
4, color printing aluminum plastic plate: the different patterns through the advanced computer phototypesetting printing technology, the color ink on the transfer paper to print a variety of imitation natural patterns, and then indirectly through the heat transfer printing technology on the aluminum plastic plate to copy a variety of imitation natural patterns.

5, brushed aluminum: the surface of the aluminum alloy panel by wiredrawing treatment, common is gold wiredrawing and silver wiredrawing products, to bring different visual enjoyment.

6, mirror aluminum: aluminum alloy panel surface polished, like a mirror.

Color of Aluminum Composite Sheet

Different brand can have different color, the conventional color of aluminous model board has 30 kinds about, for instance champagne silver, ivory white, ivory, emerald silver, gold ingot, Chinese red, blue color, rat ash, black gold arenaceous etc. Among them more common basically is fluorescent color, metallic color, plain color and bead light color to wait.
TIPS: in essence, the main reasons for the color difference are: it is very difficult to control the same process conditions, and there must be certain color differences between different batches or even within the same batch. Secondly, the different suppliers have a great impact on the control of the production of color, and the same supplier also has the difference between different batches of raw materials. Finally, different coating equipment in coating out of strength and shade also have some differences.

Choose and buy Aluminum Composite Sheet

1, according to the use, choose the appropriate specifications and quality of products, including color, thickness (especially pay attention to the thickness of aluminum plate), coating type, core material quality.

2. Check whether the thickness reaches the nominal value. If necessary, it can be measured with a vernier caliper or a micrometer (recommended).

3. Check whether the shape of the board is flat and whether there are obvious pitting, air bubbles, ripples and other defects on the board surface.

4, ask the distributor about the quality of the core material, if possible, you can obtain a sample for breaking test. A good aluminum sheet is unbroken or unbreakable.

5, same project as far as possible choose and buy the product of same production batch, the product of different batch of the same color, can have certain chromatic aberration commonly to exist, unless the effect that does not pay attention to chromatic aberration when using, or have foresight ground to use.

6. Pay attention to whether there is left glue phenomenon when tearing the protective film. Product storage time is too long or the production of raw materials problems and other reasons, may cause protective film residue.

7, try to buy the reputation of the well-known manufacturers of products, so that the quality is more secure.

8. Generally, neutral silicone structure sealant should be selected for the adhesive used for bonding aluminum plastic board, and weathering neutral silicone sealant should be selected for the sealant used for caulking. Use other glue can appear to break glue, fall off a phenomenon