Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is an exceptionally strong and impervious surface that brings a smooth sheen to your building. We bond anodized aluminum panels in a choice of six colors to the outer surface of these panels to create a material that is easy to fabricate, deeply lustrous and tough as nails. These anodized panels reveal the natural beauty of aluminum while enhancing its toughness and aesthetic possibilities.

About Anodized Panels

Aluminum oxide is an extremely hard substance – the molecular basis of rubies and sapphires. Aluminum alloys naturally form a surface layer of aluminum oxide that’s remarkably impervious, but only 4nm thick. Anodizing is an electrolytic process that vastly increases the thickness and toughness of this aluminum oxide layer. The anodized layer can also be dyed to create a range of color effects while still revealing the glow of the underlying aluminum. Anodized aluminum panels offer a distinctively sleek, clear finish that’s as tough as nails.

Anodized Panel Applications

ALUCOWORLD® Anodized Aluminum materials feature anodized aluminum panels of 0.02" thick 1100 alloy bonded to one side of a fire-retardant core. Our standard aluminum skin is bonded to the reverse side. We use a Class 1 anodized aluminum finish to provide an extremely hard surface with exceptional resistance to weathering and marring. Like all ALUCOWORLD® ACM materials, our anodized aluminum panels are easy to fabricate and suitable for virtually any architectural cladding or design project, inside or outside.

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