Decorative Metals

ALUCOWORLD® decorative metal panels feature specially treated aluminum finishes on the outer skin of the panel, protected by a clear top coat. HPA has a polished, reflective shine. HLZ has a mechanically brushed surface that resembles brushed stainless steel. Both decorative metal finishes retain the flexibility and ease of fabrication of aluminum – a clear technology breakthrough for ALUCOWORLD® materials.

About the Decorative Metal Panel Finishes

These specially treated anodized aluminum finishes demonstrate our commitment to providing the most innovative decorative finishes in the industry. As with all our ACM panels, we sandwich two aluminum skins around a polyethylene core. But instead of applying a pigmented finish to the top skin, we polish it to a high luster (HPA) or apply a hairline brush treatment (HLZ) for more diffuse reflectivity, similar to brushed stainless steel. We then add a top coat of crystal-clear Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin to ensure these aluminum finishes maintain their pristine look for decades, even in harsh exterior applications.

Decorative Metal Panel Applications

Decorative metal panels are as easy to fabricate and as durable in any application as all of our ACM products. Use them to create a either a muted shine or dazzlingly brilliant look in exterior or interior applications. They’re perfect for cladding systems, fascia and canopies, accents, column covers, signage and more – anywhere you want the bright elegance of a decorative aluminum finish along with the versatility, practicality and long-term performance of ALUCOWORLD® materials. Browse our projects pages for inspiration on using these distinctive finishes.

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