Metallic Finishes

Our metallic panel finishes bring the look of silver, pewter, gold, steel, bronze, copper and other metals to our resilient aluminum composite panels. These finishes impart a luster of quality and distinction to your building – without the expense, fabrication difficulties and instability of natural metals. The durability and prestige of nature’s classic materials – with all the advantages that only modern ALUCOWORLD®composites can provide. That’s the timeless quality of our metallic finishes.

About Metallic Panel Finishes

To create metallic finishes, we apply a coat of our Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin using our unique die-coating process that ensures smooth, even results with no roping marks. This next-generation finish offers an unprecedented color and gloss range with exceptional clarity, allowing us to create a convincing metallic appearance. We protect the look with a crystal-clear top coat of Lumiflon® FEVE to bring enduring luster and distinction to the underlying metallic shade.

Metallic Panel Finish Applications

Metallic panel finishes are available on both our classic polyethylene core (PE) and fire-retardant (fr) panels. They bring a brilliant, modern look to any architectural cladding or design project, inside or outside. Our Lumiflon® FEVE coating offers exceptional durability and weatherability for a convincing metallic effect that endures for decades – without the sagging and “oil-canning” due to weight and weather that can ruin the look of sheet metal over time. Browse our projects pages to see how these striking finishes are bringing a look of distinction to all kinds of buildings around the world.

Special Considerations

For best color consistency, we recommend ordering metallic finishes for your entire job at one time and from one lot of material. Also be aware that metallic finishes have a specific directionality, which you should plan for in the estimation, fabrication and construction of your project.

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