Mica Finishes

ALUCOWORLD® materials finished with a mica color in shades of silver, platinum, champagne, gray and anodic clear bring a sophisticated flair to your project. With embedded mica, panel colors take on a pearlescent warmth with a subtly dimensional appearance. It’s a look that catches the light, the eye and the imagination.

About Mica Panel Finishes

To create a mica color finish, we embed mica flakes within our next-generation Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin. It’s the most advanced architectural coating available, delivering superior durability, weatherability and chemical resistance. The mica catches and reflects light in a dynamic way that can vary from muted to brilliant depending on the brightness of the light and angle of the viewer. The exceptional clarity of Lumiflon FEVE maximizes this effect.

Mica Panel Finish Applications

Available on both our classic polyethylene core (PE) and fire-retardant (fr) panels, mica finishes offer exceptional durability and weatherability for use in any architectural cladding or design project, inside or outside. Browse our projects pages for inspiration – from signage and canopies to stunning façades on notable buildings from around the world.

Special Considerations

For best color consistency, we recommend ordering mica finishes for your entire job at one time and from one lot of material. Also be aware that mica color panel finishes have a specific directionality, which you should plan for in the estimation, fabrication and construction of your project.

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