Sample: Free Samples
MOQ: 300m2
Delivery Time: 15 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Ship Port: Shanghai
Production Capability: 500,000 SQM/Month
Packaging Details: Packed in bulks or wooden box, suitable for shipping container loading


    Brushed ACP Panel

    ALUCOWORLD Hairline Brush ACPpanel is specially designed for all round interior decoration and furniture product outlook enhancement applications. It is characterized by the abundant patterns, enormous coloring, robust and enhanced hardness, ease of fabrication and transport. It provides lots of design options to applicants and designers.

      Why Use ALUCOWORLD

      • Abundant Patterns, wide usage coverage
      • Rigid, lightweight panel
      • Flat, smooth, uniform surface
      • Good in plasticity and unbreakable
      • Flexible, easy to bend, easy to fabricate
      • Easy to clean, easy-peel film
      • Water resistant, leakage-free
      • Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, robust surface
      • Green, ECO friendly, toxic-free, methane-free
      Standard Size 1220*2440mm
      Length 6000mm (Max)
      Width 1500mm (Max)
      Panel Thickness 1.5mm | 2mm | 2.5mm | 3mm | 4mm | 5mm | 6mm
      Aluminum Skin Thickness 0.05mm | 0.1mm | 0.15mm| 0.2mm | 0.3mm | 0.4mm | 0.5mm
      Weight 3mm~3.5KG/m2 | 4mm~5.5KG/m2


      • Interior cladding
      • Brand Shop
      • Office
      • Showroom
      • Exhibition design
      • Ceiling and indoor Wall Cover
      • Display Board
      • Cabinet
      • Partition
      • Signage boards
      • Artistic Model


      • Sawing and Cutting
      • Routing
      • Drilling
      • Riveting
      • Folding
      • Bending
      • Roller Bending
      • Shearing
      • Punching
      • Fixing
      • Welding

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