Fireproof ACP Sheet
  • Exterior Wall of Building & Curtain Wall
  • Refitting or Renovating Of Old Building Exterior Wall
  • The Balcony, Equipment Unit & Interior Compartments
  • Panel, Logo Plate & Display Platform
  • Industrial Usage & Cold Car Body etc.
  • Light Weight & Easy For Process


    Fireproof ACP Sheet

    Alucoworld® Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

    Alucoworld produce 2 specifications of fireproof aluminum composite panel, B1 class & A2 class. Strictly comply with the requirements of fire protection regulations, simple processing, impact resistance, crack resistance and weather resistance. Compared with other fire proof acp, Alucoworld is better and safer. It can effectively protect high-rise buildings, industrial & public buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels, tunnels, subway stations, etc.

      Specifications and Sizes

      Fireproof Level: B1 Class (55% flame retardant)
      A2 Class (88%-90% flame retardant)
      Aluminum Skin Thickness: 0.12mm-0.50mm
      Total Panel Thickness: 2mm-6mm
      Width: 1000mm, 1220mm (regular), 1250mm, 1300mm, 1500mm, 1550mm, 1575mm, 2000mm (maximum)
      Length: Up to 5800mm
      Standard Size: 1220mm (width)×2440mm (length)
      Surface Treatment: PVDF coating or PE coating
      Production Capability: 250000sqm / month
      B1 class panels can be caught on fire after 5 minutes and the fire will extinguish after 10 seconds when the fire leaves the panels.
      A2 class panels can be caught on fire after 20 minutes and the fire will extinguish at once when the fire leaves the panels.
      Non-standard sizes and special colors are available depending on customers’ offers.

      Available Colors

      Alucoworld can produce all colors on all professional color cards according to your requirements.

      Alucoworld 1st Color Clart

      Contact us to get Alucoworld free ACP color chart E-book.

      OEM & Free Samples

      Alucoworld Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels are available in various sizes and thicknesses according to your requirements.
      We are always ready to take care of it.
      Alucoworld provides free samples before the cooperation.We only need you to provide a courier account to pay for shipping cost.
      The samples’ sending usually takes 3-5 days.

      Minimum Order Requirement

      The minimum order quantity is 500sqms due to the high machine setup cost and shipping freight.

      It is recommended for you to order a 20”GP to reduce the unit price and shipping cost.

      Delivery Time

      Except China legal holiday, it will take 2 weeks for us to finish all your orders’ production.


      Alucoworld offer 15-20 years guarantee for PVDF Coating Aluminum Composite Panel and 5-10 years guarantee for PE Coating Aluminum Composite Panel.