Stone Series Finishes

Get the look of natural granite with our stone finish panels. This realistic finish replicates the imposing presence and intriguing grain patterns of polished granite on an aluminum composite panel that’s much lighter and more affordable. Aluminum composite materials are easy to fabricate for practically any interior or exterior application, and the advanced fluoropolymer finish is designed to keep the stone panel effect looking beautiful for decades.

About Stone Finish Panels

We create our stone panel finishes by applying a unique image transfer process over a color base coat, producing the coloring and grain patterns of highly polished granite. A clear top coat adds an authentic luster and ensures that the natural stone look will endure beautifully for decades. We create stone panel finishes using Lumiflon® FEVE, a remarkable next-generation fluoropolymer resin that retains its smooth surface and vibrant colors even when used in the most demanding outdoor environments.

Stone Finish Panel Applications

Stone panel finishes are available in our classic polyethylene (PE) or fire-retardant (fr) core. Easy to fabricate using standard tools, they provide the elegant look, rigidity and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the weight and without the need for weatherproofing sealants. These characteristics make our stone finishes perfect for cladding systems, modular buildings, fascia, accent bands, canopies, column covers and signage. Browse our projects pages to see this remarkably natural-looking finish in a variety of installations around the world.

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