The reason for the color difference of aluminum-plastic panel

With the gradual maturity of the aluminum-plastic panel market, users are increasingly demanding aluminum-plastic composite panels, especially for chromatic aberration and other indicators. How to make the visual color difference of the product is not obvious and how to make the color difference measured by the manufacturer exchange with the customer is a big problem faced by most aluminum-plastic panel manufacturers.

Aluminum composite panel color´╝Ü

Different brands will have different colors. There are more than 30 conventional colors of aluminum-plastic composite panels, such as champagne silver, milky white, ivory white, jade silver, ingot gold, Chinese red, blue, rat ash, black gold sand and so on. The most common ones are fluorescent, metallic, plain, and pearlescent.

In essence, the main reasons for the chromatic aberration are:

1. Process reasons. The difference in product manufacturing process necessarily results in a difference in product color. For the current manufacturers of aluminum-plastic composite panels in China, it is very difficult to achieve the same process control conditions, so there must be certain color differences between different batches and even between batches.

2. Reasons for raw materials. The difference between suppliers. The difference in supplier production has a very large impact on the control of color production. The raw materials of the paint factory are almost all from different places. If different suppliers are required to modulate the same color, there are already differences in the raw materials. When the same supplier also has the difference between different raw materials.

3. Reasons for the equipment. Different coating equipments also have certain differences in the strength and brightness of the coating. Different strengths and shades have a great impact on the human eye.